She beats the driftwood against her thigh during a break in the squall, with branches and burls culled from debris and dark conversation of wind, water and wood about her feet.
She shakes out sand and rubs the wood on her jeans to shine up the wet pores looking for a face, and finds it, fumbling with a worn-out burl, her snowy cheeks turned scarlet like twin fires on the beach of the morning.

She has discovered a fable to create for her children.

I look, see nothing, and I shall not forget that when she left me that morning the ducks and gulls and the sea turned from tone and sonority to rattle and racket, the caesura and pause of the sand transformed to an endless taut drum by the pounding of the surf.
I shall not forget how I could taste the cold metal my tongue had become without her melting syllables, how wet and warm from the rain at the river’s mouth I stood shoes hung about my shoulders, impoverished of myth, looking at the torment of the sky, the storm in my mouth gone quiet and dry.

-Jeff Burt, Treehouse

Poetry: Ultrasound

I picture her exhausted, drained, snoring
beside her snoring husband, breathless at times,
waking in fits in the dead of night

to wander the darker rooms,
leafing through a blue book of names
her mother left on the kitchen counter,

then groaning back up the hardwood stairs
for the last precious hours of rest
before the next day pushes her along,

before the bells of the 5:30 alarm,
before the cold air waiting to bite when she opens the shower curtain,
before the black drip coffee, before the blueberry yogurt,

before the kiss goodbye that doesn’t last long enough,
before the lone cough in the subway car,
before the frown of the security guard

who hands out plastic badges and points her toward the basement
where she stands beneath fluorescent lights,
signs her name, the day, the time, and admits aloud—I’m here,

I’m here. I need to see the doctor.

I smooth the cool clear gel
gently in small circles
over her stretched and tired body,

and above the thin prism
that separates me from her paper white skin,
I press down gently with the small gray wand

that speaks for me, pauses
to listen to itself, thinks for a moment,
and only then shows me

the black and white echoes of a nearly round head,
the quiver of the heart,
the cord reaching across two worlds

sharing two body heats, sharing the winter air,
sharing a black coffee, sharing the same letters
of another new story, and sharing a brief scene with me.

As I begin to speak, the static shushes impatiently.
Snow falls, and we look at the white screen—hush;
close your eyes,

and I’ll show you again.

-Vikram K Sundaram, [PANK] Magazine


You want to know how I spend my time?
I walk the front lawn, pretending
to be weeding. You ought to know
I’m never weeding, on my knees, pulling
clumps of clover from the flower beds: in fact
I’m looking for courage, for some evidence
my life will change, though
it takes forever, checking
each clump for the symbolic
leaf, and soon the summer is ending, already
the leaves turning, always the sick trees
going first, the dying turning
brilliant yellow, while a few dark birds perform
their curfew of music. You want to see my hands?
As empty now as at the first note.
Or was the point always
to continue without a sign?

-Louise Gluck

Outlander Episode 7 ‘The Wedding’ Screencaps

claire jamie wedding nightvlcsnap-2014-09-21-10h00m54s12Well last night’s episode was rather epic. I’m still not madly in love with Outlander but am still enjoying it.

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2014 Returning Fall Series You Should Be Watching: Romance

Wrote up a romance post for Sound on Sight!

These are relatively dark times for romance, particularly since sitcoms—traditionally a destination for romance on TV—have fallen out of favor in the 21st century. Gone are the days of 10-season hits like Frasier and Friends; a sitcom now is lucky to make it past its third season. That’s not to say there aren’t some thoroughly enjoyable romance-focused series. Here are my top picks:

The Mindy Project - Season 3 - Promotional Poster

The Mindy Project
Airs Tuesdays at 9:30pm ET on FOX

Mindy Lahiri, the doctor with a retort for everything, returns, and this time she’s in a relationship with gruff, good-hearted co-worker Danny Castellano. Can the bickering, chemistry-laden couple make it work? Fox highlighting funny bits and gags in its Mindy Project promo reels and clips has always been a misstep, because while The Mindy Project is funny, it is the romance that is the show’s standout aspect and what sets it apart from other shows. There are plenty of comedies on the air right now, but there are very few that deliver, or even attempt, an epic love story. Nick and Jess in New Girl are halfway there, but that show is more realistic than The Mindy Project and has consistently refused, to its credit, to force its characters to be compatible.

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chess board

Sometimes you need to dream a little bigger, darling.

(by didnotspillcoffee)

New York Loving: Concrete Jungle that Dreams Are Made Of

Amy Holt captures gorgeous looks at New York City. If you’ve never been, visit – and check out my New York City travel tips.


Illustration Love: Hermes Girl

hermesgirlillustrationHermes Girl, by SF-based illustrator Alyssa Winans

Teen Wolf ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ Finale Screencaps

derek teen wolf Kind of late with this, but ah well. Have Really Good Cheekbones and teen werewolf shows.
vlcsnap-2014-09-10-23h03m46s213 vlcsnap-2014-09-10-23h03m24s237

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