Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy

Shining Inheritance hit over 40% with its most recent episodes:) I have to say, I’m quite proud of this baby. It’s not exceptional, but it is very very good, and it has all the charm and accessability of a Boys Before Flowers storyline without any of the gigantic screwups/melodrama that dragged that story down.

You know, I personally don’t find Bae Soon Bin’s character Junse compelling at all in this drama, but I’d be excited to see him in other roles. See following picture for proof positive of his um, acting potential.


I thought this sequence of caps was hilarious – the first is an actual scene from the drama and the next is a behind-the-scenes


bl-14Aw. So adorable!! The more I see of the actors behind this drama the more I like them, particularly Lee Seung Gi.

And here, in one cap, is why Eun-seung and Hwan are both meant to be together and the cutest couple ever . Matching expressions!


You can watch online on Viikii

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