Friday Five

1) Our 10 Favorite Performances of the SXSW Festival, via Pajiba

2)Why I Stopped Pirating and Started Paying for Media, via Lifehacker

3)Espresso Press plus George Howell Coffee, via Cool Hunting

4)The Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Campaign: Don’t You Dare Feel Bad About Chipping In, via TVLine  

“A lot of the time, the Internet is used to tear things down. To mock Smash, to snark about red carpet fashions, to hurt. All from the cozy, oft-anonymous comfort of everyone’s couches.

For 10 thrilling hours on Wednesday, though, 30,000 strangers banded together online to create something.”

5)TV’s New Wave of Women: Smart, Strong, Borderline Insane, via NYT

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