“With this in mind, it’s worth noting how productive six seconds of dancing with Jay-Z might be for Abramovic’s… well, much as I shudder to use the term, her brand. Part of the problem with treating art as a rarified pursuit is, well, the fact that it doesn’t resonate with the general public as much as it should. Embracing somebody like Jay-Z is as much a benefit for the world of art as it is for Jay-Z himself — he gets a good old boost to his already, um, healthy ego, and his artistic chums get access to his fan base. Everybody wins, eh?” –Jay-Z and Marina Abramovic

Fascinating Portrait of Marina Abramovic, via The New Yorker

“I feel it’s my responsibility as your pop-culture blogger to tell you all aboutSharknado so that you’re familiar with it, but you don’t actually have to watch it. Warning: This review contains spoilers that reveal the plot of Sharknado, some of which will come as a large surprise if you haven’t read the title of the movie” – Hilarious review of Sharknado, via NPR

“For his part, Mr. Kearney said it was satisfying to connect people with books and art. But it’s also important, he said, “to provide for the woman who came in with her daughter, just looking for more gum.” – No Porn, Just Books and Zines, via NYT

“I am proof you can mess up the formula and still get the guy. I was looking, I wasn’t ready, I was past my prime and I had let myself go. Four seeming no-no’s. But there was something else going on. To the best of my ability, I was being faithful”, via Boundless

“We need more books like Housekeeping. Books that tell tales of girls learning to be themselves the way that many girls growing up today will: alone” via The Atlantic

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