Caffeinated Links, Snark Edition


It must be so HARD to receive a free text message that may help save lives. What’s Up with that Amber Alert

Or maybe your movie was just BAD. The Lone Ranger cast slams critics for having an “agenda” in their reviews 

Or really really good, and killed by self-centered merciless film critics. That must be it. “I was just going through my daily life, doing my job, caring for my loved ones, engaging in what seemed to me a perfectly average, everyday routine. But then I saw this video of Lone Ranger stars Jonny Depp and Armie Hammer and producer Jerry Bruckheimer talking about what I, and people like me, had done to their precious baby.” Confessions of a Serial Movie-Killer

Having a woman as the smartest, bravest person in the universe, being able to fix any problem, save the world with her wits, a magical vehicle, and boundless courage–who wouldn’t want to watch that show?The Depressing, Disappointing Maleness of Doctor Who’s New Time Lord

As David Itzkoff noted in 2006, what’s curious about “Dune” ’s stature is that it has not penetrated popular culture in the way that “The Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars” have. There are no “Dune” conventions. Catchphrases from the book have not entered the language.  – “Dune” Endures

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