Creativist Interview: Irena Freitas

Most of you know I am passionate about Veronica Mars. So when a talented illustrator launched the Veronica Mars Project, illustrating a Veronica Mars character once a week leading up to the film release, I knew I had to do a Creativist Interview with her. Irena Freitas is an illustrator in Brazil.

Creativist Interview

Can you tell me a little bit about your background?
I’m from Brazil (to be more specific: Manaus, Amazonas) and double majored in Design and Journalism recently. At the moment I work as a concept artist at games studio called Petit Fabrik.
What is your favorite thing to draw and/or where do you get your inspiration from?
I love drawing characters! Originals or based on my favorites books/ tv shows. And I think it’s safe to say that pop culture is my main source of inspiration.
You mostly do illustrations based on fandoms – anime, books, etc, as diverse as Sailor Moon and Jane Austen. Is it more satisfying for you to create art based on known and beloved characters?  
I don’t know if it’s more satisfying, drawing your own characters is pretty fun too. But I’m such a fangirl so I can’t help myself when it comes to drawing my favorite people from fiction, hahaha! And it is super nice to meet people that is as enthusiastic as you about a fandom, etc.
When did you first watch Veronica Mars? Did you back the Kickstarter project?
It was was one of those cases of love at first sight, hahaha! I occasionally watched Veronica Mars when the show was still on air, but I am terrible with keeping a TV schedule, so I was only able to watch the whole story when the DVDs where released. And I’ve been rewatching the seasons and my favorites episodes ever since. And I certainly did back the project on Kickstarter, how could I not?
What’s your favorite thing about the show? 
I love a good teen show. And I love a good spy movie. Veronica Mars is the best of both worlds. It’s such a clever and well done piece of TV, it’s a shame people don’t watch because they think it’s just for teens.
Pick your favorite VM illustration you’ve made so far.
I like the one with Lilly.
If you could play any character in the Veronica Mars movie (aside from Veronica herself of course) instead of the already-cast actor, who would you be?  
Can I be the girl version of Dick Casablancas? That would be fun.
What are some of your favorite design, photography, or creative blogs? 
SO MANY! I literally can’t list everything, but I think it’s safe to say that Look at These Gems is always a great source of inspiration.
The three books you would take with you to a desert island:
Such. A. Hard. Question. But I guess: Pride & Prejudice, Little Women and Howl’s Moving Castle.
Where you hope to be (geographically or career-wise) in 5 years:
 God, this questions hunts me so much. Honestly don’t know? I would love to live abroad for a while, work at a big studio like Disney as a concept artist and would be really happy if I could publish a children’s book (I would love to write for teens also, but I don’t know if I’d be any good at writing a novel).
Go check out Irena’s Veronica Mars illustrations! The below is my favorite.

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