Winter’s Tale: A Flawed Fairy Tale

winter's tale

I took myself off on impulse to see Winter’s Tale this weekend, and it was both better and worse than I expected, in, as I said on Twitter, Brown-Findlay and Farrell have some of the best onscreen chemistry I’ve ever seen, but the otherwordly plot was entirely nonsensical.

Slashfilm’s Angie Han wrote my favorite review –

“Winter’s Tale doesn’t lack for sincerity. It’s genuinely invested in the idea of eternal love, and the notion that everything happens for a reason, and the possibility that miracles are happening around us every day, and it tries its very hardest to sell us on these pleasant beliefs. What Winter’s Tale lacks is sense.” RT

HitFix’s Drew McWeeny also wrote a fantastic review, and though it’s (deservedly) negative this part was my favorite –

“Jessica Findley Brown plays Beverly, and speaking as someone who has never seen “Downton Abbey,” I think the film makes a strong case for her as an actor directors are rightfully going to freak out for and who will make about a dozen movies in the next two years. She’s great. The camera positively loves her, and she is almost able to make this threadbare character idea genuinely charming and vulnerable. Farrell treats her in all of their scenes together like a bear who is afraid of spooking a baby deer. She brings out this very tender Farrell, and if this film works at all for audiences, it will be because these two have great energy together.”  RT

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