Caffeinated Links: Travoltify Your Name, Debunking Juice Cleanses, Lent

Sam Tsui and Sariah have this bubbly, playful, gorgeously shot-in-a-colorful-arcade cover of Pharell’s “Happy.”

You probably heard how John Travolta called Idina Menzel “Adeel Dezeem” at the Oscars. Now, courtesy of Slate, you can Travoltify your name! RT

The Wall Street Journal debunks the juice cleanse craze – “Consuming more vegetables is great, mainstream doctors and nutritionists agree. But they dismiss the detox claims as a confusing jumble of science, pseudoscience and hype. They argue that humans already have a highly efficient system for filtering out most harmful substances—the liver, kidneys and colon.

“If you’re confused, you understand the issue perfectly,” says Edward Saltzman, an associate professor at Human Nutrition Center on Aging at Tufts University.” RT

Ann Voskamp in a beautiful post on Lent, which starts tomorrow- “He will have to accomplish it all. I am ashes and I am dust and there is no good in me and I am in dire need and lent has given me clear eyes to see my sin and I am the one broken under all this skin.” RT

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