Mstislav Pavlov

I’ve featured a painting of Russian painter Mstislav Pavlov‘s before, and just have to say I am deeply in love with his work. The bright bursts of color and especially the way he uses form and movement to create a sense of energy, or, in the case of the last painting, a mood – exquisite. And of course I love that he focuses on female figures. He spans a whole range from dreamy and wistful to bold and nearly frenzied in the brushstrokes. Just gorgeous.


Mstislav Pavlov (53)

Mstislav Pavlov (7)

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One thought on “Mstislav Pavlov

  1. […] have a weakness for impressionistic paintings of female figures (see my previous highlight of Msistlav Pavlov), and contemporary Russian romantic painter Andrew Atroshenko hits all of my affinities. The […]



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