Marshmallows, Unite!


1. Kristen Bell gave an interview to CNN just before the movie saying “Veronica Mars could  be my life” and essentially saying she’d love to keep the story going for years through movies and a TV show.

“This could be my whole life. And by the way, what a lucky life it would be if it were. There’s no formula for it, because it just has never been done before. Except — and I’m just throwing it out there — “Star Trek” did it. They did a TV show and then nine movies. Who knows? Why can’t we make a couple films? Or continue to produce content of “Veronica Mars”? It gets tricky because television contracts legally only allow you to do one episode of a different show. They purchase you. I am now the face of “House of Lies.” So the only way I would be able to reprise Veronica Mars (on TV) is in movie form.” RT

2. Sign this petition to get season 4 on Netflix.

3. Have you bought the book yet? I did, and while it isn’t life-altering, it was good.

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2 thoughts on “Marshmallows, Unite!

  1. Confused Marshmallow April 2, 2014 at 4:37 pm Reply

    Isn’t the petition contradictory to the quote (the only way to continue is via movies due to her House of Lies commitment)? I absolutely adore Veronica Mars, and have dedicated countless hours and money to the cause. Although I’d love to see more VM, it doesn’t seem possible as a season 4 option given the cast members’ other commitments. Show me a petition for a Veronica Mars Movie 2 and I’m all in.


  2. Claire April 2, 2014 at 4:40 pm Reply

    I don’t think so (though I do think the movie would happen prior to the show coming back) but basically she said that it would be possible to continue the show as long as it was done via Netflix or similar – and she would have to work it out with House of Lies of course. But even if they refused, her contract should only last another year or two. So we’d probably get a movie first (in an ideal world) in the next year or two and then a show. The petition in my opinion is mostly just to raise awareness to Netflix that we would LOVE it if they were open to it.



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