Top 5 Drama Kisses

1)Coffee Prince (Kdrama). This is one of the most famous kisses in drama-land, and for good reason. Our hero FINALLY conquers his panic, fear, confusion and repression, grabs the paint-spattered Eun-Chan in the deserted coffeeshop, and kisses her with long-simmering heat and passion. Perfect setting, great buildup, long-held kiss – good stuff.


2)Goong (Kdrama) – after so much repressed passion, this kiss represented a MAJOR, major breakthrough on all fronts for the icy prince and his arranged-marriage bride.


3)Hana Yori Dango (Jdrama) – There’s a big-screen feel to this scene, as Domyouji leaves the plane, runs to his on-again-off-again girlfriend who has finally committed and admitted she’s completely in love, and kisses her on the tarmac as the evening sun folds around them. Gorgeous.

hyd-ep9-hana-yori-dango-9889535-704-396 4)Lie to Me (Kdrama)- They’re both laughing and drenched in coca-cola in his apartment, and he finally grabs her and brings all the long-simmering brooding romantic tension to the surface. It’s stunning. Kdrama history in the making.


5)Love Storm (Twdrama) – It’s not fair that such a messy, mediocre drama should have an insanely good kiss scene – but it does, as Vic Zhou kisses the heroine on the street in the pouring rain after she puts herself in front of an oncoming van.


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