Tea Love: Jasmine

patterned teacup

Jasmine tea, by apemal

Jasmine tea can take a little getting used to – it’s one of those slightly more artisanal flavors that the average person whose tea consumption is largely Starbucks wouldn’t normally pursue. It’s very mild in the mouth, but the the note that stays is a distinct if light floral taste, which can take a second of adjustment for us Americans whose palates are acclimated to either black tea or the very bold floral flavors. I initially didn’t like Jasmine, but what I found is that I love it iced, because the floral is delicate and refreshing, but find it too grassy when hot. And because it has such a unique flavor, I find myself craving it on certain days, and no other tea will do.

I like Lupicia’s Jasmine and Jasmine Mandarin tea, and this is a simple tea recipe from Martha Stewart using Jasmine and maple syrup –

Jack and Jill’s Jasmine Iced Tea 

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