The 100 Bellamy Clarke Fanfiction – Reunion

bellamy clarke hug

bellamy clarke the 100 hug

A few weeks back I wrote my first (and so far only) fanfiction. What is it that inspired intense enough passion in this girl to lead me to finally turn to fanfiction after years of writing other formats?

The CW’s The 100. Which has turned out to be so much better than it has any right to be,a dark, gritty, romantic survivalist tale of four young people who blossom into leaders, fighters, and fierce defenders of the remnants of the human race left on earth. I highly recommend it if you haven’t tried it yet (the first two episodes are okay but not great and then it hooks from there) – even critics who initially ignored it are slowly picking it up and becoming fans, including NPR Pop Culture Hour‘s Joanna Robinson. The show it reminds me of most is Lost, though it’s (obviously) not nearly as brilliant.


Clarke saw him across the clearing and something inside her seemed to come suddenly to rest. He was covered in dirt and blood but the same driving force of will, the same steadiness, that had made her trust him before against all her better judgement, still hung on him, as he stood steady as a rock, taller than anyone else, his dark, broody eyes searching the scattered crowd.

Bellamy wasn’t looking for Clarke – he has no reason to expect to see her there, since he’d sent Finn off to rescue her while he and Octavia headed back. He knew it was his only choice, but the constant wondering if Clarke was alive gnawed at his insides, as it had since the day she disappeared. He was worn and weary when they got back to the settlement, looking to see if Dr. Griffin was there- and then he saw her. Impossibly curly hair, that stubborn set to her chin, the mingled fierce strength and fleeting vulnerability that touched him every time despite himself, giving him an overpowering need to protect her at all costs – Clarke. She had cuts and scrapes all over but he didn’t even notice – all he saw was that his partner, his fellow leader, and the one girl in the world who made him feel like a man, made him come alive – was back.

He crossed the clearing with quick strides. She caught sight of him and unmistakable joy lit up her wary, guarded face. She took two steps and he caught her in his arms.

Clarke instinctively threw herself into Bellamy’s arms when she saw him, and didn’t even have a moment to wonder if it was the right decision, since his strong arms wrapped around her immediately, holding her in just the right way, and in some back part of her brain she marveled at how their bodies just seemed to fit together, every part belonging, and he smelled like sweat and trees but he was holding her close all tightly-wound tension, muscles and strength and for the first time in weeks she felt safe. Bellamy.


If you’d like to watch The 100, season 1 is available on Netflix and season 2 online.

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2 thoughts on “The 100 Bellamy Clarke Fanfiction – Reunion

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  2. Nox March 22, 2020 at 3:47 pm Reply

    Like this short fanfic 🙂
    I love this show too … can’t wait to watch the end,
    soon our fight will be over 😉



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