Elementary ‘Hemlock’ Episode Screencaps

elementary sherlock screencapMostly a dull episode until that final, fantastic twist. Also, this episode really showcased the show’s gorgeous color palette, particularly with the muted brows and reds of the brownstone and the black and blue of Joan and Sherlock’s wardrobes.

elementary joan watson
vlcsnap-2015-02-05-22h51m15s42 vlcsnap-2015-02-05-22h52m22s187 vlcsnap-2015-02-05-23h30m04s16 vlcsnap-2015-02-05-23h30m11s90 elementary joan watson sherlock elementary episode andrew vlcsnap-2015-02-05-23h37m44s11 vlcsnap-2015-02-05-23h40m33s167 vlcsnap-2015-02-05-23h42m31s146 vlcsnap-2015-02-05-23h44m22s132 vlcsnap-2015-02-05-23h46m29s123 vlcsnap-2015-02-05-23h48m43s200 vlcsnap-2015-02-05-23h49m32s183 vlcsnap-2015-02-05-23h50m28s233 vlcsnap-2015-02-05-23h51m43s210

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