Korean Drama Review: I Remember You aka Hello Monster

I remember You kdramaPosted a review of I Remember You/Hello Monster, which I am LOVING, over on my lifestyle blog.

The drama is basically a more serious Girl Who Sees Smells, with higher stakes and a higher body count, but the same tongue-in-cheek, bubbly approach to the lead couple interactions, and the same fast-paced, intricately-written approach to the crime plots.

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One thought on “Korean Drama Review: I Remember You aka Hello Monster

  1. […] Tae-hyun is an interesting character, because he’s neither a hero nor an anti-hero; he has very little pride or self-respect, but gets involved in criminal activities out of a sense of survival and inability to see a way out of them, so he’s not the damaged/evil anti-hero who is to be redeemed, either. He’s bent primarily on money, and to attain that, in order to keep his sister alive, he will bow and scrape and do almost anything. Nonetheless – I’m excited to see what kind of chemistry he and Kim Tae Hee have. Kim Tae Hee has always had a very natural charm on camera, and does well with those very intense leading men (see: Song Seung-Hoon in My Princess), so we’ll see if this is another noona romance that can stack alongside the lovely I Remember You. […]



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