Week in Music: Jessie Buckley’s “Glasgow”, The Animals “Bring it On Home to Me”, Pink Floyd

Wild rose jessie buckley

What I loved this week: a Stumptown song, a ballad about missing Glasgow, and of course, Pink Floyd.

This week’s episode of Stumptown (great show by the way: far better than it has any business being from the premise and trailers), ended on a song that immediately caught my attention, which turned out to be this GORGEOUS, instantly gripping 60’s ballad from The Animals:

“If you ever change your mind
About leavin’, leavin’ me behind
Oh, oh, bring it to me
Bring your sweet lovin’
Bring it on home to me, oh yeah”

And, from Consequence of Sound, 40 Reasons We Still Love Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Here’s a tip for those who don’t like Pink Floyd yet: they are an acquired taste, and as with many good things, it Takes Time. Revisit them until one day it may click — I did. “Wish You Were Here” is a defining song of my life, and one of their most famous, if you need a starter.

My favorite music article I read this week was a crazy one from IndieWire about how Oscar-winning actress Mary Steenburgen had a routine surgery in 2009 and woke up as a different person with incredible songwriting skills. Mary Steenburgen, by the way, is this lady, whose face most of us know but name we don’t.

Article: “The Wild Story of How Mary Steenburgen Wrote the Best Original Movie Song of the Year.” It’s a great read, and I NEED to watch Wild Rose, the movie her song is featured in, now, because it sounds right up my alley: “a fish-out-of-water story about a self-destructive Glaswegian country singer and single mom whose only dream in life is to sing Patsy Cline ballads at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry.” The film ends with Steenburgen’s powerhouse ballad, and if there’s anything that speaks directly to me, it’s songs about loving and missing home in another country, and about how elusive the concept of home is.

Note: because the video Indiewire embeds is spoilery for the movie, here’s the song on its own, performed by actress Jessie Buckley (who has that gamin face dominated by cheekbones and effortless expressiveness that some Irish actresses do: she reminds me of Kristyn Getty):

Happy Thanksgiving week. May we live, laugh, and do it with songs that are intimate, lightning-powerful odes to lives and loves had and lost and found again.

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