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‘This Love Came Back to Me’ – Doctor and Clara

Doctor Who – Robot of Sherwood Screencaps

doctor who robin hoodAbsolutely kickass episode delivered by Gatiss tonight – this is what happens when Moffat steps back and lets someone else have a go at it

It was fun, it was funny, it was the kind of loopy, rambunctious, light-hearted fun that Doctor Who used to be more frequently before they kept Moffat on too long and all his worst tendencies came out.
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Doctor Who – Deep Breath Episode Screencaps

doctorwhodeepbreathtardis I’m a little late posting these, but I wanted to do a screencapture post of the premiere episode of season 8, because it did have some lovely visuals. The above shot especially is a favorite, as it looks like something out of Firefly or every other space story, and sometimes I lose the sheer wonder of the TARDIS being not just a time-traveling machine but also a spaceship.

Also, favorite line from the episode?

“You’ve redecorated….I don’t like it.”

I liked the episode, but thought it was underwhelming, and agree with Christopher Campbell’s review at Film School Rejects. Capaldi’s faces, though, are aces.
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Doctor Who Illustration



Oswaldz on Tumblr created this gorgeous Doctor/Clara Oswald illustration the other day, with the (accurate!) comment that we really need a running montage with these two set to “London Calling”

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