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League of Legends Fan Art

diana___league_of_legends_fanart___polycount_by_alexnegrea-d8ai6it diana___league_of_legends_fanart___polycount_by_alexnegreaby Alex Negrea

At World’s End: The Art of Benjamin Carré

at worlds end benjamin carre

When they finally come, the others, the bright ones, they will find only rubble and ash. For where humanity once was, where earth once was, blinked out like a light in an increasing darkness; in ignorance and in fear we destroyed ourselves, until there was nothing left, only legions of space wrapped around the remnants of a fallen race. lone survivor benjamin carre post apocalyptic landscape

Illustration Love – Nick Foreman’s Futuristic Dystopias

Brilliant illustrator Nick Foreman re-imagines city landscapes as they might be in the future.

Metropolis – a futuristic Paris


shipment_by_nick_foreman-dystopia trainRuins

ruins_by_nick_foreman-d821dasSee more of his work

Here Be Dragons – Fantastical Realms from Concept Artist Wang Rui


Wang_Rui_01a Wang_Rui_17aWebsite


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