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Glen Hansard ‘Didn’t He Ramble’ Out September 18th

If you don’t yet know and love Glen Hansard (formerly of The Swell Season, formerly of the Academy Award-winning film Once), you don’t know what’s up. Gorgeous look at his next album releasing September 18th.

Tayor Swift Covers Vance Joy’s “Riptide”

How Long Must We Wait for Things to Get a Little Bit Easier

Pop Culture Love Letter: Books, Kdramas, and more I’m Excited for in 2015

books kdrama paper towns collage


  • Queen of Fire, Anthony Ryan (Raven’s Shadow trilogy)- July 2015
  • Doors of Stone, Patrick Rothfuss (Kingkiller Chronicles) – 2015
  • Brown-Eyed Girl (Travis Family #4), Lisa Kleypas. Kleypas is one of the reigning queens of American chick lit, and her Travis Family series is her best: lightning-quick plots, a depth of character development and emotional complexity that’s rare in the genre, and giddy romance. I generally engulf these in one sitting and cannot wait for this next one
  • Vanishing Girls, Lauren Oliver – March 2015 – Oliver writes incisive, heady YA romance and sci fi, this should be another engrossing read
  • God Help the Child Toni Morrison- April 2015 – A mother learns about the damage adults do to children and the choices children make as they grow up to suppress, express, or overcome their shame.
  • The Buried Giant, Kazuo Ishiguro- Set in Arthurian England, Ishiguro’s first novel since Never Let Me Go follows an elderly, ailing couple making a journey to their son’s village.


  • Wilder Mind, Mumford and Sons’ third album, dropping May 4th


  • Jeju Island Gatsby. The Hong sisters, who write some of the most addicting, funny, character-driven dramas of the past ten years and are pretty much the reigning queens of dramaland as far as fandom, have another drama out in May 2015. We don’t know cast or plot yet but we do know they’re pairing up with production director Park Hong-kyun, who worked with them on my favorite of their dramas, Best Love
  • Falling for Innocence – a drama with Kim So Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho? I am on this like a rabbit to carrots. Jung Kyung Ho is an investor looking for revenge against his uncle, who took over the family company and caused the death of his father when he was a boy. Kim So Yeon is the woman he falls in love with (there’s also apparently some nonsense about him getting a heart transplant and his new heart “remembering” Kim So Yeon’s character)


  • Insurgent – March
  • Fast and Furious 7 – April 3
  • Far From the Madding Crowd – May 1
  • Age of Ultron – May 1

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Kina Grannis – Write It In the Sky Full Album Stream

The Civil Wars

on-the-verge-the-civil-wars-taylor-swift-adele-AT5BNSP-x-large The Civil Wars…one of my favorite bands, the creators behind the ethereal, heartbreaking Poison and Wine, one of the most tender, gorgeous love songs I’ve ever heard…and the group that made their title a sort of living reality, heading suddenly and with what appears to be some finality into an ending.

The push-and-pull, closeness yet distance required between two people who clearly had some level of personal chemistry and an oceanload of creative chemistry, who toured together, crafted and performed love songs together, yet were not together romantically (Williams’ husband is their manager) – finally destructed.

And while I do not believe that it was personal differences, but largely creative, that severed an intense connection, it is hard not to see an undercurrent of longing, however stifled, in some of their earlier work. Regardless, here’s a look back at earlier, better times, and oddly, these photos capture well the simultaneous closeness and distance between two people, a man and a woman, locked in a creative twosome.

joywilliamspaulwhite joywilliamspaulwhite2

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Caffeinated Links: Catching Fire Book Cover, T.S. Eliot, Inside Llewyn Davis Music


Julian Peters’ illustrations of T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock are among the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. RT

This “book covers come to life” – animated book covers – series is not just breathtaking, but also the way of the future – one day very soon we’ll walk into bookstores and the book covers will be animated. RT

Millenials in American aren’t the only ones desperate for jobs – it’s the same in Europe, according the New York Times writing about a generation “Young and Educated in Europe, but Desperate for Jobs

100 Notable Books from 2013, RT

Ruth Engel reviews the Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack – “The album itself is lovely – Oscar Isaac’s voice is so compelling that I’m sure his performance in the movie will be beyond reproach even if he doesn’t act at all. It includes a number of instantly recognizable folk standards, including one of my all-time favorites,” 500 Miles.” Marcus Mumford collaborates on an aching version of “Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)” that contains no frenetic banjo strumming, and Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers bring warmth and a fiddle into the mix.” RT

The Civil Wars – The One That Got Away

New single from The Civil Wars’ upcoming album!

Music to Wake You: Anais Mitchell

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