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Top 5 Drama Kisses

1)Coffee Prince (Kdrama). This is one of the most famous kisses in drama-land, and for good reason. Our hero FINALLY conquers his panic, fear, confusion and repression, grabs the paint-spattered Eun-Chan in the deserted coffeeshop, and kisses her with long-simmering heat and passion. Perfect setting, great buildup, long-held kiss – good stuff.


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Drama Quotes

“Just smile and there’s nothing you can’t overcome” – Smiling Pasta

“If wishes do really come true…can love be forever?” – Smiling Pasta

“Yet they say it’s a woman’s heart that’s hard to grasp? I think it’s a man’s heart that never speaks directly! It always bends here and there, and twists and turns. Inexplicable!” – Smiling Pasta

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