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Shining Inheritance Episode 19 Recap and Review

Another strong episode:) You know, Shining Inheritance had one of the slowest romantic build-ups I’ve ever seen in a drama, pulling us through with tiny, teasing, delightful tid-bits and really great characterizations, but now that the romance finally has hit its stride, it was well worth waiting for. After all that Eun-Seung and Hwan have been through, hurting each other, rejecting each other, tolerating each other, occasionally reaching out and showing the other that they’re a decent person, it’s so frelling satisfying to finally see them seeing each other with new eyes, making tiny, hesitant advances toward having a positive relationship instead of a negative, and the once-an-episode, amazing out-and-out romantic, chemistry-laden scenes that are dished out now and then(the bus scene from last weekend! mm!!). Shining Inheritance isn’t one of those dramas that you want necessarily to go shout from the rooftops and tell everyone to watch immediately(ie Coffee Prince). But it is one of the most thoroughly and consistently enjoyable dramas I’ve seen in a long time, and definitely one I’d recommend that everyone see at some point.

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