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Caffeinated Links: Franco, Tolstoy, “Her”


Nothing I love  better than a blistering review. Jason Diamond of Flavorwire offers this one – “Franco’s book is exactly what you’d imagine, except maybe a little worse (think: concussed David Foster Wallace fanboy mixes booze and cough syrup before trying to write a novel about how difficult it is to be an actor).” RT

On the other hand, I also love positive, brilliantly written reviews, of which this, of the Joaquin Phoenix film Her -is one – “When Theo asks Amy if he’s a freak for falling into love with Samantha, her response is perfect: “I think anyone who falls in love is a freak. It’s a crazy thing to do. It’s like a socially acceptable form of insanity.” One half of the relationship at the center of Her may lack a physical form, but it is nonetheless a film about the universality of romance: its longing, its intensity, and its transformative power — for the best, and the worst. The outcome of this highly unconventional relationship is warm and funny and tragic, all at once. And so is this very lovely film.” RT

If you had a chance to proofread unreleased Tolstoy works – would you? You know that you would quit your day job. This story from the New Yorker is the stuff of literary daydreams. “That was when they hit on the idea of crowdsourcing, Tolstaya said. “It’s according to Leo Tolstoy’s ideas, to do it with the help of all people around the world—vsem mirom—even the world’s hardest task can be done with the help of everyone.” RT 

…and, we’re back to Franco. As much as it pains me to put the man anywhere within rubbing distance of Tolstoy. “Franco offers up less material in that regard than you might think. Hard to make pseudo-intellectual jokes at the expense of a guy who cheerfully made Your Highness. Hard to make dumb-stoner jokes at the expense of a guy who spends so much time pursuing advanced degrees.” RT

Caffeinated Links

Rotor sparks 4

“The dust clearly matters. Michael heard from a pilot, who thought the loops are “static electricity created by friction.” The helicopter’s blades, the pilot said, are covered with a protective sheath of titanium and nickel. The air is filled with floating dust. Maybe when these different minerals slam into each other, the electrostatic charges become excessive and they spark.”-Mysterious Dancing Lights In Afghanistan, via NPR

“What I’m doing now is what I’m going to do with my life.

I don’t mean this in the literal sense, like if I’m a barista today I will be a barista for my whole life. I mean it in the sense that the way I conduct myself with people today, the decisions I make, the character I build — all these things don’t just determine what I do with my life, someday. They are what I do with my life. This is my life. These are the raw material that make up what I’m building.” – What I Do With My Life, via Allison Vesterfelt


“With this in mind, it’s worth noting how productive six seconds of dancing with Jay-Z might be for Abramovic’s… well, much as I shudder to use the term, her brand. Part of the problem with treating art as a rarified pursuit is, well, the fact that it doesn’t resonate with the general public as much as it should. Embracing somebody like Jay-Z is as much a benefit for the world of art as it is for Jay-Z himself — he gets a good old boost to his already, um, healthy ego, and his artistic chums get access to his fan base. Everybody wins, eh?” –Jay-Z and Marina Abramovic

Fascinating Portrait of Marina Abramovic, via The New Yorker

“I feel it’s my responsibility as your pop-culture blogger to tell you all aboutSharknado so that you’re familiar with it, but you don’t actually have to watch it. Warning: This review contains spoilers that reveal the plot of Sharknado, some of which will come as a large surprise if you haven’t read the title of the movie” – Hilarious review of Sharknado, via NPR

“For his part, Mr. Kearney said it was satisfying to connect people with books and art. But it’s also important, he said, “to provide for the woman who came in with her daughter, just looking for more gum.” – No Porn, Just Books and Zines, via NYT

“I am proof you can mess up the formula and still get the guy. I was looking, I wasn’t ready, I was past my prime and I had let myself go. Four seeming no-no’s. But there was something else going on. To the best of my ability, I was being faithful”, via Boundless

“We need more books like Housekeeping. Books that tell tales of girls learning to be themselves the way that many girls growing up today will: alone” via The Atlantic

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