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Pablo Neruda Documentary – “The Poet’s Calling” featuring Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Isabel Allende and more

There’s a documentary about Pablo Neruda in the works, from nonprofit Red Poppy which specializes in promoting Latin America poetry. The documentary is titled “Poet’s Calling” and they’ve managed to get interviews with top poets and Neruda’s friends, among them Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Isabel Allende. See a clip below and read more here

According to the website – “The film is composed of stunning shots of his native land, captivating poetic sequences, and unique archival material. Our interviews are crucial to the storytelling, especially with their breadth of variety. These include his few living close friends, students, bestselling Chilean author Isabel Allende, and legendary poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

The intent is to raise social awareness by demonstrating how, through his words, Neruda gave voice to others, and how for Neruda, poetry was a rallying cry for the social function of art: a way to bear witness to social and environmental wrongs. We want viewers to see—and feel–how poetry can illuminate them intellectually, spiritually, and socially.”

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