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Summer and Wander

lightsofsummer woman vintage car

Book Love

Books let the light in – Coffeegirl

music and writingrt

walden book photo


Book photography with typewriter

rt Ursula Uriarte

   -Love, C

Vintage Perfume Ad: Funny of the Day

A Sea of Shoes posted this hilarious Bill Blass ad today and I had to pass it on.

Design Love

How gorgeous is this leaf bowl from Hammer and Spear?leafbowl
And this vintage dough bowl?
vintagedoughbowlAnd finally, a stunning Moroccan chair via Coolhunting– at the Fellah hotel, a brass tribute to one of Arne Jacobsen’s iconic chairs

moroccan chair


Hello Gorgeous





Vintage car
vintage car

French Vintage or Cool Marble?

Tonight’s post oddly enough is about cups.


French brown coffee cups with yellow dots (via RueDesLouves)marbled_sake_cup_set

And a marbled sake cup set from Leif.

You know, the older I get, the less I like marble and stone – my tastes run now more toward wood and brick – but these sake cups are genuinely lovely. Which do you prefer?

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