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World Cup Domestic Violence PSA

*Note: there is no explicit violence in this video

Spotlighting Great Book Reviews: Girl with a Dragon Tattoo

Girl-Dragon-Tattoo_300An oldie but a goodie – Victoria at Eve’s Alexandria reviews Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. Having read the book, I couldn’t agree more with the below –

“Perhaps that is what attracts readers to Larsson.  It is not his labyrinthine plotting or cunning, but his startling simplicity.  There is no mystery in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; there is just savage, terrifying, ordinary violence.  It is a revelation no more or less obvious than its other proposition,  that international corporations are exploitative and that financial markets are corrupt.  It is an idea we are familiar with, but it is a slumbering sort of idea.  It snoozes away in the back of our minds, and if prompted we repeat it without really confronting it.   The point Larsson makes is that we must confront it.  We are all like Blomkvist, in the midst of real crimes we spend our time reading crime novels.  We’re horrified by the fiction but ignorant of the realities (and thus implicated in its perpetuation).  Shame on us, he says, we should be more honest with ourselves – this isn’t fiction, its the real thing.  To write a novel with such a ‘message’ is both the height of irony and of moral outrage.” RT

Book Review – Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

girlwiththedragontattooThis will be a quick review as I don’t have much time today, but – COMPLETELY riveting. It’s a superbly well-done thriller that manages to surprise every time you think the twists have already happened. What really stands out however is the strength of the character development – Blomkvist and Salander are fascinating, charismatic, fully-sketched figures who leap off the page and feel readily identifiable despite the uniqueness (on Salander’s part anyway) of their upbringing and profession. It is at times also a very dark novel – a thread of fury at violent crimes against women runs through the novel and finds a voice occasionally in graphic depictions of said violence – but this is a thoroughly impressive and completely gripping novel with a strong sense of worldbuilding and the dialectics between good and evil. Well worth the read.

Caffeinated Links: Women’s Journeys in Film, Tenenbaum, Kickstarter Novel


Badass Digest on why women’s journeys in film are always different than men’s – “Socially speaking, we’ve been trained to believe that women are less prone to make mistakes, but there’s this tricky double standard in which we blame them for the ills that befall a man (if a marriage or relationship dissolves)” RT

Pajiba’s Courtney Enlow snark-destroys Chris Brown, and does it good. “And then he starts talking about his class about violence against women. Oh guys. He has some thoughts on it.” RT

Via The Rabbit Room, this looks like an unexpectedly lovely/worthy Kickstarter Project – “Almost ten years ago I put my three kids to bed, told Jamie for the millionth time about my desire to write a novel, and with her blessing dug out my sketch pad to draw the first map of Aerwiar. I turned off the television (this is key) and sat in the recliner with my high school art supplies, eager to tell a story. As with any adventure, had I known how much work and time it would have taken, I might not have had the guts to start. I drew the coastline of Skree on the left, then for some reason on the right I drew another coastline and named the continent Dang.” RT

Everything Tenenbaum. “On Tuesday, New York Magazine TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz will release his sumptuous coffee-table book, The Wes Anderson Collection. The book delves deeply into each of Anderson’s seven films, dissecting every angle and influence with commentary, illustrations, and photography. Every chapter is anchored by a lengthy conversation between Anderson and Seitz about the making of each film.” RT

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