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Jon and Joy: 40 Days of Dating


Back in 2013, Tim and Jessica’s 40 Days of Dating took the world by storm. This January, a good friend of mine and his friend decided to try the same experiment. Jonathan is an Art Director and Joy is a Creative Manager. Both live in LA. Friends, they decided to transition gradually into dating, trying it for 40 days and writing about their experiences. Their story is currently on day 7, and it’s my favorite post thus far because it’s honest, raw, and intensely relatable (for anyone who has ever struggled with commitment and not getting answers, or lack of commitment and communication issues, respectively).

Also? Since they’re both artistically inclined, their accompanying illustrations are wonderfully quirky.

First post

Current post 

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Words to Live By


Body Image, Illustrated




How to Save Money on…Shaving

shavingcreamThis will be part of an ongoing series of posts about saving money in life matters and everyday items.

Two years ago I gave up using shaving cream.


Because I realized it was a huge huge scam from the beauty industry.

You don’t need shaving cream to shave your legs – unless you’re using disposable razors. Disposable razors are the cheapest possible razors to buy and because of their low quality they will cut your legs if you use them without cream – but every other razor? Try it. I dare you. I promise. Sure, shaving cream smells really good, gives an illusion of protection, and softens your skin a little – but do you need it for the purpose it’s actually sold for? To keep from getting cut when you shave?

No. A big fat no. I’ve used razors from a number of different brands for two years, without shaving cream, and I simply don’t cut myself. Most razors now are of the three-blade variety, and the truth is that the design is sophisticated enough, designed, to shave your skin without cutting it. And as far as softening your skin, slap on some body lotion afterward – I’m a huge fan of Nivea’s Smooth Sensation – which most of us already do anyway, and you’ll be good to go.

Shaving cream in and of itself may not be a huge expense – but it’s not cheap, either, for something that is basically whipped soap, and it definitely adds up over time. Cut out this expense that you usually have every few weeks or month.


Something about the clear chemistry between the couple in this picture just gets me.

Electricity and laughter. Don’t settle for less in a relationship.


Marriage Advice from Jane Austen

“In the provincial world of Austen’s novels, small-mindedness is among the greatest of personal and social follies, for which an expansive library serves as a counterbalance. Darcy’s fetching library serves as metaphor for a variety of qualities in a marriage partner today which might counteract contemporary excesses and limitations: broad-mindedness in an age of identity politics and narrow partisanship, integrity in an era of brutal pragmatism, strong work ethic in a culture of shortcuts, steadiness in a swirl of passing fancies. While countless other qualities might substitute for those represented by Darcy’s library, these attracted me to my husband and have deepened my love for him more over the years. Not to mention the fact that he built me my own library, and its shelves are overflowing.”

I Learned Everything I need to know about marriage from Pride and Prejudice, via The Atlantic

Caffeinated Links: Pond, Silence, Wife-Finding

Superb post from Tiger Beatdown on Amy Pond-

“But when it becomes clear that a female character is defined solely in male terms, as someone to be macked on, fought over, knocked up, or rescued, there’s a problem.  It’s not even that any of these cliches are insulting. It’s that they’re everywhere, and they’re boring.  So much of popular culture is devoted to telling the exact same love-marriage-childbirth story over and over, as though it applies to all women in the world, and peddling the lie that deep down inside that’s all any of us really care about.  And lots of us care about those things deeply, but not to the exclusion of everything else.” (RT)

This article on the differences between how men and women communicate and think packs a powerful punch. “And then, one evening when they’re driving home, a thought occurs to Elaine, and, without really thinking, she says it aloud: “Do you realize that, as of tonight, we’ve been seeing each other for exactly six months?” (RT)

“Men are called to take initiative in finding a wife. If called to marriage — and most men are — they should, when mature and ready, leave their childhood home. They should pray to God for a wife, and they should seek one with a balance of wisdom, trust and assertiveness.

So this is it. This is God’s good plan for those called to wed.” (RT Boundless)


Quotidian: Happiness


Quotidian: Anais Nin


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