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Coffee or Compliments?

Coffee photography iced coffee

rt Hyunjoo101

“I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.”
― Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate winter photo

rt Will Cook for Friends

Coffee Love: Dressed-Up Irish Coffee

creamer coffee photography

via A Beautiful Mess

and check out this recipe for dressed-up Irish coffee from Food Network!

Coffee Art


Scatola Coffee in Chiang Mai, Thaland

scatola coffee

Nutella Hot Chocolate Recipe

nutella hot chocolate

Mmmm, Nutella. Nectar of the gods, people.

Which is why I was so insanely excited to realize just how easy is to make the thickest, richest, creamiest hot chocolate ever with it.

Take slightly less than 1/4 cup of Nutella. Add it to a large mug of milk (I use almond milk which is healthier and gives an even deeper flavor, but regular milk would also work). Pour the mixture into a small saucepan, and heat on medium-low, stirring, until the Nutella dissolves and blends in.

Pour back into the mug and that’s it!! You can also add cinnamon, but really, this is so rich it doesn’t need any additives.

Feel free to play with the amount of Nutella to make it more or less sweet, but this is easily some of the best hot chocolate I’ve had – layers of rewarding richness. Make it for yourself, make it for your kids (just not every day, because hell no this isn’t healthy), and enjoy this perfect winter indulgence!


espresso machine

Espresso machine, by didnotspillcoffee



Coffee, by Noel Barnhurst

Coffee Illustration: Fill ‘Er Up!

coffee illustration fill er up

Alisa Bobzien (sadly the art print is no longer available. but check out her other awesome coffee prints!)

Tea Review: Sakurambo Black Cherry

sakurambo cherry tea

Another tea sample from my favorite brand, Lupicia (a Japanese company with stores in various countries and insanely cheap online pricing). This is a “black tea flavored with Japanese cherries, which has a sweet and fruity aroma.”

Sakurambo is a lovely black fruity tea that strikes a nice balance between tea and cherry flavors – it’s not overpoweringly sweet but has enough flavor to please – it starts out smooth in the mouth and then unfolds to a delicate fruit flavor. It’s not overly cherry, either – if I didn’t know, I’d probably be hard-pressed to identify what kind of fruit was in this, and would probably go with peach or something lighter than cherries (which one always worries will taste like licorice or cough syrup). It also smells gorgeous – I inhale before each sip just to let that scent waft up. This would probably make an excellent iced tea and I plan to try just that soon. I won’t buy a bag of this quite yet, as it doesn’t displace my very favorite cherry green tea from a local teahouse, but I will make a note of it for potential purchase in the future. A good tea for summer.

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