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New Web Series Alert: ‘East & West’ based on Gaskell’s North and South

Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South is one of my favorite romantic novels of all time, I consider it a successor to Pride and Prejudice, so obviously I’m interested in a webseries adaptation of it. It’s a little unassuming but very cute so far, and I’m dying of curiosity to see who they cast as Thornton. Also, as a third culture kid, I completely identity with Margaret’s culture shock here.

Quotidian: Middlemarch

Middlemarch is full of delicious sentences.

“Souls have complexions too. What suits one may not suit another.”

“This hope was not unmixed with the glow of proud delight – the joyous maiden surprise that she was chosen by the man whom her admiration had chosen.”

Also, no-one can sum up a character quite as dismissively as the 19th-century Victorian writers.

“It was hardly a year since they had come to live at Tipton Grange with their uncle, a man of nearly sixty, of acquiescent temper, miscellaneous opinions, and uncertain vote.”


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