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Play On: Kathryn Joseph – The Weary (The Quay Sessions)

And salt will find the faithless soul
and endless waters welcome cold
and safe and sound
and safe and sound
worn and weary of your home

Music to Wake You: Kina Grannis – Write It In the Sky- Ken Loi Remix


Ella Eyre -‘Love Me Like You’ at Abbey Road

If you fall, I fall with you/If you hurt, I feel it too, even if my heart turns black and blue

Rainie Yang – Xi Guan

I just really like her voice. (Rainie Yang is a very popular Taiwanese pop star and actress).

If wishes do really come true, can love be forever?

Back when I was having a love affair with Asian dramas, I thought this song was the most wistful I’d ever heard. (I was a teenager, y’all). But I still have a fondness for it. The melody is evocative of loss somehow.

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