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Interior Love: Brisas House

I love love love the open spaces, high ceilings, and natural, earthy tones of this place. The pops of color in the sofa cushions and bedpillows just bring out the warmth of the greys and browns of the floor and walls even more. Brisas House in Monterey, New Mexico004-brisas-house-garza-camisai-arquitectos 006-brisas-house-garza-camisai-arquitectos


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You ever have a day where you’re just…tired? You haven’t had a crazy week. People haven’t burnt you out. Maybe no reason at all. You’re just…tired. And all you want to do is go home and curl up someplace warm and safe.

I love these bedrooms for that reason. Bedrooms are almost always my favorite part of any house – it’s the one place where personality can come out the most, and it’s the place of refuge and individualism, peace, hideaway. These bedrooms have elements of boho chic, minimalist, and rustic.

gardenopenwindowroom rusticminimalbedroom bohochicbedroom

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