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Creative Jobs: Head of Publicity and Events, Editorial Intern at Food52


Food52, my favorite food website, is hiring! Of their open positions, these two stick out (both in New York City):

Head of Publicity and Events

In this role, you will help our company grow by expanding our media coverage and helping people learn about Food52 and Provisions. You’ll create a strategy for telling our story across tech, advertising, food and lifestyle media, and you’ll work directly with co-founder Amanda Hesser to execute this plan. You’ll also come up with a slate of events that will engage our community and draw in new followers. This role requires an uncommon blend of creativity, exceptional communication skills, networking savvy, and a passion for details. We see it as vital to the future of our brand.

Read more and apply 

Editorial Intern

Food52, a fast-growing, James Beard Award-winning online food community and crowd-sourced and curated recipe hub, is currently interviewing full- and part-time unpaid interns to work in a small team of editors, executives, and developers in its New York City headquarters. This will involve plenty of writing and editing, good but not necessarily healthy food, unruly behind-the-scenes website functions, a deepening relationship with your laptop, and coffee. We’re currently accepting applications for fall interns.

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Email Campaign Manager in San Francisco


Vantage Media is hiring an email campaign manager! This position is actually very much in-line with what I’ve been doing and I momentarily considered applying before remembering it’s most likely the grad school life for me!

But the company seems great (a friend works for them) and they have the most adorable infographic about themselves. What more do you need?

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Creative Job Alert: Online Deal Editor at ShopSmart

Then BradsDeals.com is looking for you! We want to add a detail-oriented and reliable Online Deal Shopper with a passion for online shopping and deal hunting.
Do have a passion for shopping? Do you love finding the BEST deals, and sharing them with family and friends? Are you up for the challenge of discovering what millions of readers want to buy?

This position includes:
* Working closely with the editorial team to find and publish specific deals and products
* Analyzing sales data and running price comparisons on a wide variety of consumer items
* Providing insight into sales trends using historical and current data
* Working with our merchant relations team to secure exclusive offers from retailers for our readers

Job Requirements
* A passion for finding a great deal and helping people save money
* A knack for online shopping and consumer behavior
* A keen awareness of popular trends, products and brands on everything from apparel to technology
* Dependable, detail-oriented and highly organized
* Ability to produce accurate copy in BradsDeals tone and self-edit in a fast-paced publishing environment.
* Ability to prioritize tasks and take initiative
* Internet and computer savvy, including basic HTML and creating URLs
* Ability to work responsibly both independently and as a team player
* A 3-day training session in our Chicago office is required

Previous writing, marketing, or retail experience is a plus but not essential.

The job is entrepreneurial and evolving in a flexible and easygoing environment but requires top-tier work and dedication. The pay is competitive and benefits (health, dental, vision, 401k, etc.) will be provided. The company has a large, fun and friendly office space in the city. The option of working from home, virtually, may be possible at times.

See here for job posting

Caffeinated Links

Rotor sparks 4

“The dust clearly matters. Michael heard from a pilot, who thought the loops are “static electricity created by friction.” The helicopter’s blades, the pilot said, are covered with a protective sheath of titanium and nickel. The air is filled with floating dust. Maybe when these different minerals slam into each other, the electrostatic charges become excessive and they spark.”-Mysterious Dancing Lights In Afghanistan, via NPR

“What I’m doing now is what I’m going to do with my life.

I don’t mean this in the literal sense, like if I’m a barista today I will be a barista for my whole life. I mean it in the sense that the way I conduct myself with people today, the decisions I make, the character I build — all these things don’t just determine what I do with my life, someday. They are what I do with my life. This is my life. These are the raw material that make up what I’m building.” – What I Do With My Life, via Allison Vesterfelt

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