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Poem: Childhood Home

I beg to move back in, even though
the ceilings have been lowered and I am too
tall to walk inside. I will crawl instead.

-Stephanie Palumbo, Cellpoems

It’s not the bed that’s a boat

It’s not the bed that’s a boat

but sleep. On a rumple of waves, two           loosed canoes.

Soon I’ll find you
in your wooden ribs.

I’ll tie a rope. I’ll climb on.

-Corinna McClanahan Schroeder in Cellpoems

Thank you Cellpoems

Really excited to say that my poem has been published as the poem of the week at Cellpoems! Cellpoems is one of my three favorite online publications, along with Rattle and Linebreak, so it’s a real pleasure to be included. If you haven’t yet, check them out, and consider subscribing -as well as publishing online, they deliver a short, exquisite poem once a week via text to subscribers.


I thought you would make things certain
Like a window nailed shut to the sill.

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Gulls, Too

Gulls sensing the fisherman
pulling the

fish from the nets.
This is how I mourned you.
Swimming to the cave, letting the birds
near me.

-Lisa Hiton, Cellpoems

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