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“Fray” by Joss Whedon

In your dreams, you’re someone else. A slave. A princess. A girl in school in a sunlit city.

FrayHeaderI’ve been reading Joss Whedon’s “Fray”, and I am very in love with it. Set in a chaotic, dystopian future world in which crime runs rampant and the gap between the wealthy and the poor has divided all of society, it’s focused on Melaka Fray, a street kid who has made a living as a skilled thief. Manhattan, where she lives, has become a deadly slum run by mutant crime-lords and corrupt or disinterested cops, and Melaka’s only family is her estranged sister, a cop. One moment, Melaka Fray is fulfilling another job for her crime boss, and the next, he’s paid her extra for the job, cut off all ties with her, and she’s being hunted by multiple assassins.

It’s fascinating and badass and the world is like a cross between the cyperpunk grittiness of Dark Angel and the sardonic one-liners of Veronica Mars. It’s not particularly unique – it’s very much a combination of previous Whedon projects – but there’s so much flare here. And something entirely magical about the character of Melaka, a great blend of vulnerability and utter, effortless cool.

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serenitycomicbook“The thing I realized with Amy is, she can make any dialogue you write sound unwritten,” Mr. Jonze added. “She just has a way of internalizing it. She’s such a thinker, and you can see her thinking her way through all of that until it’s all coming from within her.” Amy Adams, despite turning in breathtakingly precise performances on a constant basis, flies quietly under the radar of most mainstream media insofar as her personal life, so this relatively rare interview with NYT makes for a good read. RT

The Lululemon founder made a series of sexist comments about the company’s clothing line not being made for all size shapes – and has since resigned in the (well-deserved) firestorm that followed. I understand that Lululemon is a luxury brand – but what it is basically selling with the statement that its clothese only fit certain body types is the idea that, once again, only one specific body type is to be desired by the privileged and the fit. RT

There’s a lot – and I do mean a lot – of delicious speculation and theories floating around about the Doctor Who Christmas episode, mostly based on clues in posters that have been released, so join the cloud of obsessive geekdom and dive in, aye? BBC and Radiotimes

And on that note, what if Peter Jackson directed an episode of Doctor Who? All – ALL that would be remaining after that to clinch the sovereign trinity of sci-fi Awesomedom after Gaiman and Jackson would be Joss Whedon. RT

NPR convincingly pulls apart the criticism of the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and utterly delights me with the deep nerd-dom knowledge shown – though then I was equally disappointed to see this article was being written by a man

“Diana, on the other hand, is creature of myth and fantasy. Her physical strength is an important aspect of her character, but it is not a function of her lean body mass. Whether or not Gadot will make an interesting, let alone convincing, Wonder Woman has nothing to do with the size of her biceps.

No, Wonder Woman is a presence, a figure of mingled strength and compassion. There’s one and only one thing that Gadot needs to project, the moment she comes on-screen:

“I got this.” RT

And finally,we don’t just get a Veronica Mars movie, y’all – we also get a comic book follow-up to Firefly/Serenity. Age of the geek, baby. Writer Zack Whedon and artist Georges Jeanty have teamed up to create a six-part comics miniseries titled Serenity: Leaves on the Wind. The series picks up nine months post-Serenity with the crew still on the lam, including a very pregnant Zoe. RT

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