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[Social Media] Tagging on Social Networks

Great summary from Tracy Sestilii on Socialstrand about how the different social networks function re: tagging people.

How do you tag on specific social networks?


“@” plus the user name of someone you are connected with OR a brand page you’ve “liked”. For example: @Tracy Sestili Writer would link to my Facebook page if we are connected. You cannot, however, tag  a brand, a person, or a place that you are not connected with, friends with, or have previously “liked”.

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[Social Media] Sorting Google Search Results by Date

There’s nothing more frustrating than typing in a search result and finding the perfect informational article for what you’re looking for – only to realize it was published three years ago and is completely out of date. Or sorting through the top 30 search results in Google looking for one that is actually recent.

There’s a simple fix for that, though it’s slightly frustrating that it can’t be accessed from Google’s front page.  Type a search into Google, hit “enter”, and then look below the searchbar. You’ll see a range of filter options, including “search tools” all the way to the right. Click this and you’ll be able to sort the search results by date or relevance. Simply click on the “time” option to the left and it gives you the option to view search results published only within the past hour, 24 hours, week, month, or year (again, I wish they’d give an option for two or three years, but so it goes).

I, for instance, was curious about tricks for using Digg for social media purposes.

FilterGoogleSearchbyDateAs you can see, all the search results are now from within the past year, though it’s still filtered both by page value, not just time published – as you can see, the Social Media Today article, published almost 6 months ago, is still the top result, while Digg’s homepage, with updated content 25 minutes ago, is second.

May this speed your Internet research!


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