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Quotidian: C.S. Lewis

far better things C.S. Lewis quote
I always imagine that when Lewis’ friend Tolkein took the elves to a far green land across the sea, this is what he meant

Caffeinated Links: Pond, Silence, Wife-Finding

Superb post from Tiger Beatdown on Amy Pond-

“But when it becomes clear that a female character is defined solely in male terms, as someone to be macked on, fought over, knocked up, or rescued, there’s a problem.  It’s not even that any of these cliches are insulting. It’s that they’re everywhere, and they’re boring.  So much of popular culture is devoted to telling the exact same love-marriage-childbirth story over and over, as though it applies to all women in the world, and peddling the lie that deep down inside that’s all any of us really care about.  And lots of us care about those things deeply, but not to the exclusion of everything else.” (RT)

This article on the differences between how men and women communicate and think packs a powerful punch. “And then, one evening when they’re driving home, a thought occurs to Elaine, and, without really thinking, she says it aloud: “Do you realize that, as of tonight, we’ve been seeing each other for exactly six months?” (RT)

“Men are called to take initiative in finding a wife. If called to marriage — and most men are — they should, when mature and ready, leave their childhood home. They should pray to God for a wife, and they should seek one with a balance of wisdom, trust and assertiveness.

So this is it. This is God’s good plan for those called to wed.” (RT Boundless)




SOCIAL scientists believe that the empathetic, nurturing behaviors of sisters rub off on their brothers. For example, studies led by the psychologist Alice Eagly at Northwestern University demonstrate that women tend to do more giving and helping in close relationships than men. It might also be that boys feel the impulse — by nature and nurture — to protect their sisters. Indeed, Professor Eagly finds that men are significantly more likely to help women than to help men.” –Why Men Need Women, RT The New York Times

The women plays sounding boards, while the men basically exist for the same reason that women exist in most of these other films: As sexual tools. That’s brazen, and interesting, and if The To Do List were funnier, it’d be easier to forgive the rest of the film’s weaknesses: It’s lack of emotion, the clumsy writing, the Farrelly-esque gags that occasionally veer into Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer territory. – The To Do List Review: Daring, Challenging, And Not Very Good, RT Pajiba

What happens when someone repents of their sins on their deathbed, and they don’t get to live out a life of repentance, take communion, be baptized, or attempt to walk out their days in holiness? What happens to that person? – Salvation in Your Final Hour, RT The Resurgence

Caffeinated Links: James Rhodes, Tim Tebow, Saeed Abedini, The State of Music 2013


James Rhodes: Find What You Love and Let it Kill You. What if, rather than paying £70 a month for a gym membership that delights in making you feel fat, guilty and a world away from the man your wife married you bought a few blank canvases and some paints and spent time each day painting your version of “I love you” until you realized that any woman worth keeping would jump you then and there just for that, despite your lack of a six-pack?” (RT The Guardian)

Noisy Courtship, Quiet Breakup: Jets Dump Tebow. “Tebow, to a degree, is not exempt from culpability. It was he, after all, who chose to accept the trade to the Jets rather than play for Jacksonville, where he was reared. But Tebow could not have predicted what awaited him in New York. The former special-teams coordinator Mike Westhoff, in a memorable radio interview after the season, called the Jets’ mishandling of Tebow “a mess, it was an absolute mess.” (RT NYT)

Update on Save Saeed: Letter Says Iran Release Depends on Abedini Renouncing Faith.”In a letter obtained by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), Abedini—a U.S. citizen of Iranian descent—wrote that he was told by Iranian prison officials, “Deny your faith in Jesus Christ and return to Islam or else you will not be released from prison. We will make sure you are kept here even after your 8 year sentence is finished” (RT Christianity Today)

The State of Music 2013. “Everything is getting so niche-market and pulling us apart. You don’t have to listen to what everybody else listens to. You can find your own thing. If your thing is tribal beats, you can listen to tribal beats all the time, and it doesn’t matter whether or not the radio plays it.” (RT Relevant)

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