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Korean Drama Roundup/Review: Birth of a Beauty, Pride and Prejudice, Liar Game, Iron Man

korean drama reviews

It’s a dark season for new television. On both sides of the pond – and in this case by “pond” I don’t mean England and the United States but Korea and the United States – the new series that have debuted in the fall have almost universally been disappointments. Here in the U.S., the overwhelming majority of good (and highly-rated television) currently on is the returning favorites, and among the few new successful shows are How to Get Away with Murder and The Flash. The dramas that have premiered and aired in the past few months have also almost all been disappointments, and at this point I’m just impatiently waiting for Pinocchio (starring my love Park Shin Hye!) later this month, Healer in December, and Jekyll, Hyde (starring Hyun Bin!) in January.

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1-Minute Reviews of Fall Shows

the flash grant gustin

-ABC’s Forever got off to a very strong start with one of the more confident pilots I’ve seen in a while, but its second and third episodes vacillated between ludicrous and mind-numbingly dull. There’s all the structure to create a good procedural ala Castle – strong leads with a lot of chemsitry and interesting histories, decent premise – but no sense of pacing and very poor writing kill it pretty thoroughly.  Ioan Gruffud has inexplicably gotten hotter with age, here’s hoping eventually he lands on something worthy of him.

-ABC’s Selfie is annoying for the first half of its pilot and then charming.  I reviewed it here, and having seen its second episode now I can say it’s underwhelming but not completely awful. However, its quality is a moot point since it’s pulling in spectacularly low ratings and will get canceled.

-CBS’ Scorpion is a sweet show and is kind of like that painfully socially awkward/unintentionally rude kid that you can’t help but find likable but you still wish someone would take him in hand and teach him how to polite and act in appropriate ways. It’s not that its offensive – its plots are just so inane that I can’t take any element of them seriously. Good ensemble, with some parts stronger than others (Happy, a brusque female mechanical engineer, and Toby, a snarky psychiatrist/con artist, are standouts both separately and together and already fan favorites, but statistical genius Sylvester comes across like a cardboard cutout of a dorky brain) but…hands down the silliest drama I’ve seen in at least several years. The pilot was mediocre, second episode showed a lot of promise, and the third made my brain melt with its total lack of competency and believability. I found myself laughing out loud as the team scrambled to stop a bomb exploding. I want to like this. I just can’t.

-CBS’ Stalker is as bad as I thought it was going to be – see this review for everything I thought said better

-CBS’ Madam Secretary is surprisingly really good, sort of like a cross between 24 and Scandal, only without the bullets. Seriously. Badass performances, solid plot, and really hot Tim Daly husband.

-CW’s The Flash is resounding good and to my surprise has left every single bit of its competition in the dust. It’s strongly constructed, the cast was deftly chosen, and it’s just charming and fresh and light-hearted yet with strong emotional hooks. I love, love it.

‘Scorpion’ Episode 2 Screencaps – Single Point of Failure

I didn’t expect to like this at all, especially in the wake of disinterested/negative reviews from critics, but this is good pop television, especially in the second episode, a sort of slightly more awkward younger sister of Leverage, but with plenty of chemistry between the cast and especially between Katherine McPhee as Paige and Elyes Gabel as Walter. It’s not great and some of the exposition is clunky but it’s entertaining and likable and hits all the right emotional notes. I’m hooked. Also? Elyes Gabel is hot. vlcsnap-2014-10-01-18h10m28s102 vlcsnap-2014-10-01-18h16m27s86 vlcsnap-2014-10-01-18h16m45s29 vlcsnap-2014-10-01-18h17m06s223 Continue reading

2014 Returning Fall Series You Should Be Watching: Romance

Wrote up a romance post for Sound on Sight!

These are relatively dark times for romance, particularly since sitcoms—traditionally a destination for romance on TV—have fallen out of favor in the 21st century. Gone are the days of 10-season hits like Frasier and Friends; a sitcom now is lucky to make it past its third season. That’s not to say there aren’t some thoroughly enjoyable romance-focused series. Here are my top picks:

The Mindy Project - Season 3 - Promotional Poster

The Mindy Project
Airs Tuesdays at 9:30pm ET on FOX

Mindy Lahiri, the doctor with a retort for everything, returns, and this time she’s in a relationship with gruff, good-hearted co-worker Danny Castellano. Can the bickering, chemistry-laden couple make it work? Fox highlighting funny bits and gags in its Mindy Project promo reels and clips has always been a misstep, because while The Mindy Project is funny, it is the romance that is the show’s standout aspect and what sets it apart from other shows. There are plenty of comedies on the air right now, but there are very few that deliver, or even attempt, an epic love story. Nick and Jess in New Girl are halfway there, but that show is more realistic than The Mindy Project and has consistently refused, to its credit, to force its characters to be compatible.

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