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Pride and Prejudice Illustrations

pride and prejudice elizabeth bennett illustraiton 2 pride and prejudice elizabeth bennett illustrationpride and prejudice illustration

pride and prejudice elizabeth moor illustration

via Blooming Banana

All the Videos You Need Today: Maze Runner 1st Trailer, Veronica Mars Movie Videos

The Maze Runner first trailer premiered last night on Teen Wolf, and why did no-one tell me it starred Dylan O’Brien??? I spent the weekend marathoning Teen Wolf, which I’d never seen before but found immensely addicting, and have a HUGE crush on whipsmart fast-talking Stiles played by Dylan O’Brien.

Gorgeous shots from the VM movie.

One of the best Veronica Mars fan videos I’ve seen, perfectly capturing the essence of the petite private eye dripping in snark and wisecracks

Doctor Who Illustration



Oswaldz on Tumblr created this gorgeous Doctor/Clara Oswald illustration the other day, with the (accurate!) comment that we really need a running montage with these two set to “London Calling”

Something to Believe In – Hook/Emma

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Hook and Emma in ABC’s Once Upon a Time are a slow burn but I’m hoping they’ll turn into one of those epic star-crossed couples ala Veronica and Logan. This music video is cut with such flair and magic (and set to one of my favorite songs, Aqualung’s “Something to Believe In”).

Awesomebox: Good Omens Fan Art

Look at the gorgeous! Via Graphite Doll

(Fan art for Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s fantasy novel Good Omens)

Stargate SG-1 [Theatrical Movie] Trailer

Stargate SG-1 was one of the longest-running shows ever, and I have a huge amount of fondness for it. Here it is, if it were a comedy film.

Star Wars Coffee


Caffeinated Links: Travel, Coffee, Books, TV, India


How to Fit Two Week of Luggage under the Airplane Seat in Front of You, via Lifehacker

Clever Coffee Dripper Brewing, via Coffee Cup News. “If you are looking for a new way to brew coffee with a low cost of entry the Clever Coffee Dripper is a great brew method to consider.”

Amazon Launches Imprint for Literary Fiction, via Mashable. “After launching imprints for lower brow (and frequently, better-selling) genres like fantasy and sci-fimysteries and thrillers, and romance, Amazon’s Publishing Group is establishing a seventh imprint for literary fiction, called Little A.”

gorgeous set of Peter & Wendy/ Eleven & Amy parallels, in GIF form via Mary on Tumblr. They are completely magical.

The Huge Cost of India’s Discrimination Against Women, via The Atlantic

“Imagine a country where the most powerful political figure, two billionaires , three of the most dominant regional politicians, several prominent CEOs, and half of local government representatives are women. Now imagine that, in that same country, one-third of adult women are illiterate, spousal rape is not illegal, and sex-selective abortion and female infanticide are still widely practiced.”

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