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Poem: Secret

I’ve spent a whole lifetime
trying to explain what homesickness feels like
inside my body, but when I open my mouth
I say your name.

Hannah Nahar , One Sentence Poems

This hit me right in the gut – it’s so rare as a third-culture kid to find someone who can put into words what you’ve been feeling your whole life..amazing.

Poetry: The Stunt Double

Like a stone switched with a jewel,
in another world I’m thrown into the sky.
The day ends with my voice
still sleeping upside down in my body.
I need an x-ray to remember my life.
I sit in my car until whatever it is
returns to me, until going home stops
feeling like a crash scene.

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-Jeffrey Morgan, The Journal

The Sea Brings Dreams of Home

sea ocean girl photography

by Oleg Oprisco

The sea brings dreams of home

Saudade in Summer Heat


(Madang, Morobe Province)

Every year from May to July I get a humming in my bones. Somewhere between an ache and a pull, a sensation that I can’t quite feel but is always there, like a sound just above the human ability to register. It’s a longing to go home. Or perhaps more specifically and also more generally, a longing for the tropics.

The seasons change between May and July – everything turns slowly to summer. And in that in-between place, as the temperature shifts to a bold blaze of heat but the moisture from spring is still in the air and everything seems to be vibrating yet holding still in place, not quite ready to be in the midst of steady summer heat – it’s than that it feels like New Guinea. And Honolulu. Every place I’ve been in the tropics, for eight weeks or so in the United States as the temperature turns it feels like that.

I’d always get restless, in college and later, at a certain point in the year. It took me a long time to realize when, and why. But it seems to intensify and get worse with every year since I left New Guinea – a pull that creeps up slowly and stays as spring shifts to summer.

And I get this insane urge to make my way somewhere tropical, preferably home, but anywhere really that resembles it, that can promise it, this heavy air, this tease of tropical heat, the warm ocean and the humming of cicadas and or other insects, slow winds in palm trees, the smell of hibiscus and a faint scent of saltwater…anywhere with these conditions. I’ve been dreaming of Hawaii, lately – because home is so inaccessible. Can almost feel it sometimes around the corner, hitting me on a warm afternoon here in the Northwest as I leave an air-conditioned office and the weather can be felt, alive like a slowly shifting beast.

When you leave home, they never tell you that it will be the weather that will make you the most homesick.

I miss sea and saltwater and and especially humidity and a wild green manifesting itself firmly everywhere. Saudade, is what they call it.

Grace Note

“It seems like we constantly live in the future, always out of step with our present, always one season ahead. Always needing some new thing or the other in order to have the perfect life/ perfect home. I completely understand that  is how businesses have to work and I love the home catalogs and have hoarded many but as you go about your day, I want to leave you with a gentle reminder: your home is about you and the people you share your life with. Yes, it should be filled with beautiful things that give you pleasure every time your eyes fall on them. You marvel at the colors, the textures, the prints and patterns, the skill of the artisan. But it isn’t only about objects and things. As clichéd as this may sound, it’s about love, beautiful thoughts, kindness and compassion. Of being aware of your blessings. I don’t mean this in a naive, feel good, one size fits all way. Don’t you think every kind thought, word or gesture makes your surroundings more beautiful?”

Once Upon a Tea Time

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