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Celebrities Edited Into Classic Paintings

Somewhere between the bizarre and the bizarrely appropriate lies this series of modern celebrities edited into classic paintings.

hughlaurieclassicpainting tinafey

See the rest here

Stargate SG-1 [Theatrical Movie] Trailer

Stargate SG-1 was one of the longest-running shows ever, and I have a huge amount of fondness for it. Here it is, if it were a comedy film.

Funny: Honest Trailers – Les Miserables

The Honest Trailer guys have done it again..

Funny: Hitler Finds Out Google Reader is Shutting Down

This is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen all week.



[Funny]: Ipad vs Paper


[Coffee]: Darth Vader brewing Moka Pot Coffee

This starts out completely awesome and devolves into rather silly but it’s an amusing watch. Shot at the famous Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, German.

Darth Vader brewing Moka Pot Coffee from Coffee Circle on Vimeo.

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