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Design Love: Globe Chandelier

“Monde à l’endroit, Monde à l’envers”

chandelier made of recycled globes by Benoit Vieubled, via Recycleart

globe chandelier globe handmade chandelier

Design Love: Wall Clocks

My discovery of the day is the Etsy shop All15Designs, which sells gorgeous, unique wall clocks with modern and mid-century modern designs.

Square Wall Clock (Rusted)

square wall clock rusted Puzzle wall clock

puzzle wall clock design unique clock

Outnumbered Wall Clock

rust modern midcentury wall clock

Interior Love: Brisas House

I love love love the open spaces, high ceilings, and natural, earthy tones of this place. The pops of color in the sofa cushions and bedpillows just bring out the warmth of the greys and browns of the floor and walls even more. Brisas House in Monterey, New Mexico004-brisas-house-garza-camisai-arquitectos 006-brisas-house-garza-camisai-arquitectos


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All of the Lights

Est-Magazine-Old-Market-Helsinki-5Restaurant named Story in Helsinksi, Finland, RT Est Magazine

Interior Love: Boho Loft

It’s hard to describe just how much my soul loves this boho loft with its wide open spaces, assertive patterns, and deep pops of color. The quirky details like the clouds on the wall and the surfboard in the corner just make it that much better. Perfect for an artist. bohointerior

Interior Love

What do you think of this Michael Bastian interior? Oddly enough, I’d never personally go for the look of pictures and paintings covering the walls, but I always enjoy it when I see other people do it. This richly decorated Victorian-esque room gracefully balances on the line between overly ornate and coherent. I particularly love the colors.


Interior Love

Some interiors from Furbish Studio caught my eye today.

Cute waiting room and/or living room, all patterned pillows and pastel colors – I’m especially in love with that raspberry armchair.


This is a fairly ordinary kitchen, but I love the boho rug and the plants that brighten it up.

jam101120-J Meares for High Gloss

This eclectic interior has bold background accents – velvet red wall, blue and white curtains – balacned out by plain tan furniture – and a vaguely colonial air, with its leopard-print pillow, zebra table, and spotted rug.

jam101120-J Meares for High Gloss

I’ve seen some displays of starburst mirrors that I liked, but this one is hogging all the space and attention and I’m just not a fan of the elongated look of the room in general


Design Love: All of the Lights

I have an obsession with lights. The warm muted glow of a lamp, the bright definitive statement of a ceiling light, the throwback vintage of a wall sconce, the magic-carpet-ride of Christmas lights or string lights, the slight oriental touch of a globe lamp or paper lantern, the bold designer statement of hanging lights, the luxuriousness of a chandelier.

This industrial chandelier from Uncovet is one of the most gorgeous of its kind I’ve seen – and I already think that all industrial lighting is stunning. 18 lights, stained ebony wood, black wire, and hardware in antique silver and antique gold.


It’s really hard for me to handle the perfection of these minimalist wood hanging lights from Masahiro Minami design studio, appropriately titled ‘glory.’


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You ever have a day where you’re just…tired? You haven’t had a crazy week. People haven’t burnt you out. Maybe no reason at all. You’re just…tired. And all you want to do is go home and curl up someplace warm and safe.

I love these bedrooms for that reason. Bedrooms are almost always my favorite part of any house – it’s the one place where personality can come out the most, and it’s the place of refuge and individualism, peace, hideaway. These bedrooms have elements of boho chic, minimalist, and rustic.

gardenopenwindowroom rusticminimalbedroom bohochicbedroom


I haven’t been to India (yet), but I’ve been exposed to a little of the culture through friends growing up and at college, and I have to say, one of the things I’ve always loved most is the color that the culture is saturated in, so much more than America, from the clothing to the food to the interior decorating.

plumgelatovia Food and Travel

orangedecorvia GoodHomes India Magazine


via Once Upon a Tea Time

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