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“Fray” by Joss Whedon

In your dreams, you’re someone else. A slave. A princess. A girl in school in a sunlit city.

FrayHeaderI’ve been reading Joss Whedon’s “Fray”, and I am very in love with it. Set in a chaotic, dystopian future world in which crime runs rampant and the gap between the wealthy and the poor has divided all of society, it’s focused on Melaka Fray, a street kid who has made a living as a skilled thief. Manhattan, where she lives, has become a deadly slum run by mutant crime-lords and corrupt or disinterested cops, and Melaka’s only family is her estranged sister, a cop. One moment, Melaka Fray is fulfilling another job for her crime boss, and the next, he’s paid her extra for the job, cut off all ties with her, and she’s being hunted by multiple assassins.

It’s fascinating and badass and the world is like a cross between the cyperpunk grittiness of Dark Angel and the sardonic one-liners of Veronica Mars. It’s not particularly unique – it’s very much a combination of previous Whedon projects – but there’s so much flare here. And something entirely magical about the character of Melaka, a great blend of vulnerability and utter, effortless cool.

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