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Job Opening: Senior research project manager at The American Press Institute


This isn’t quite the usual job I post, but it is a very amazing one so here it is. One of my college friends works for The American Press Institute in Washington, and they are hiring!

The American Press Institute is looking for a senior research project manager to run an ambitious new program that will advance the cause of journalism that fact-checks campaign rhetoric and political discourse in general.

The manager and the program will involve and be aided by other API staff, but the manager should assume primary responsibility for coordinating and executing the fact-checking program.

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Caffeinated Links

Rotor sparks 4

“The dust clearly matters. Michael heard from a pilot, who thought the loops are “static electricity created by friction.” The helicopter’s blades, the pilot said, are covered with a protective sheath of titanium and nickel. The air is filled with floating dust. Maybe when these different minerals slam into each other, the electrostatic charges become excessive and they spark.”-Mysterious Dancing Lights In Afghanistan, via NPR

“What I’m doing now is what I’m going to do with my life.

I don’t mean this in the literal sense, like if I’m a barista today I will be a barista for my whole life. I mean it in the sense that the way I conduct myself with people today, the decisions I make, the character I build — all these things don’t just determine what I do with my life, someday. They are what I do with my life. This is my life. These are the raw material that make up what I’m building.” – What I Do With My Life, via Allison Vesterfelt

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