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Selfie Review Starring Karen Gillan: More Bridget Jones Than My Fair Lady


Karen Gillan’s new pilot came out on ABC last night, and I reviewed it for Sound on Sight!

Were the leads of this limited but endearing sitcom anyone but the entirely charming, gifted pair of John Cho and Karen Gillan, it would fall flat. Yet, because of them, and a few hints of surprising writing nuance, it ultimately rather works.

Eliza Doolittle (Karen Gillan) is a social media guru with hundreds of thousands of online followers and (as she finds out in the pilot) no real friends. When she gets food poisoning on a flight full of her co-workers and lands herself in a completely humiliating situation, she winds up recruiting her firm’s top representation manager, Henry (John Cho), to overhaul her image. It is (very) loosely based onPygmalion or as it’s more famously known, My Fair Lady.

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ABC, Fox, TBS Fall Trailers: It’s Karen Gillan and John Cho


Posted (almost) all the new show trailers over at Sound on Sight!

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