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Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk


Because I’m obsessed with Pinocchio, one of the more gorgeous, light, addicting romances I’ve come across in recent years, have some insanely pretty pics of the leads, most from a campaign for casual clothing line Jambangee.

The two won the Best Couple Award at the 2014 SBS Drama Awards and have been nicknamed the “Darling Couple” for their chemistry. At the awards show, the MC asked Lee Jong Suk, “I heard that you and Park Shin Hye share skinship even when the camera isn’t rolling. Is this true?” Lee Jong Suk answered immediately, “Yes.” See also the Pienocchio tumblr for an adorable GIFset of Lee Jong Suk rambling about how lovable and pretty Park Shin Hye is.

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Korean Drama Review: Pinocchio starring Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk

pinocchio drama

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Pinocchio is a currently-airing Korean drama starring Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk.

Ha-myung (Lee Jong Suk) has a photographic memory (he has to see something only once in order to remember it) and a happy family – his father is a firefighter captain, his mother a loving parent, and his brother shares his gift. One day, however, his father leads his squad into a terrible factory explosion, and when it’s over, most of the squad is dead and Ha-myung’s father has disappeared. The media, grasping hold of the story, sensationalize it as an irresponsible captain killing his squad and then disappearing out of fear, and Ha-myung and his family become nationally despised.

Ha-myung’s mother decides to kill herself and jumps with him into the sea, but Ha-myung is rescued, miles away, by the kindly, elderly Gong-pil. Gong-pil, who has a few screws loose, decides that Ha-myung is his oldest, long-dead son Dal-po, and adopts him. Ha-myung gladly accepts the identity, and is raised alongside Gong-pil’s other son Dal-pyung and his daughter In-ha (Park Shin Hye). The two grow up together and ultimately enter the world of journalism as newbie reporters.


I can’t say enough about how deeply lovable Pinocchio is. I had a good feeling from the first episode, when it started out quick and charming and assured…

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