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Poetry: Mordechai Ronen Returns to Auschwitz

Mordechai Ronen returns to Auschwitz
(after a photograph in The Times, 27 Jan, 2015)

Frei is not in the picture.
Even Arbeit, above him,
loses meaning when edged
with snow, or his memory.
Instead, the words
The Past is Present
circle his neck,
and the outstretched hand
that asks a question
could also be holding up

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-Marjorie Lotfi Gill

Checkpoint, Matveyev Kurgan

When her sister moved across the border

there was no border, not even a line

like the one they’d drawn in chalk

down the centre of their bedroom,

dividing walls and window, the light

parsed out between them

like a parent’s love. Only the door,

its point of entry and exit, was shared.

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Marjorie Lotfi Gill, Cura Mag

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