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Korean Broadcasting Networks

There are three top national South Korean broadcasting networks:

SBS-Seoul Broadcasting System, which has carried such famous dramas as My Girl, Sandglass, Iljimae and Cain and Abel.

MBC-Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation(“munhwa” means culture) which is famous for its dramas and comedies and has carried dramas such as Thank You, The First Shop of Coffee Prince, My Lovely Sam-Soon, and Time between Dog and Wolf. It has two American branches, MBC America and MBC-D.

KBC-Korean Broadcasting Company, the biggest of the three, most well-known for lavish historical dramas. It’s public whereas the other two are private. Has carried dramas such as Full House, Sassy Girl Chun Hyang, I’m Sorry I Love You, Hong Gil Dong, and Boys Before Flowers.

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