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Poetry: The Quadrant

                                    in, climb out of the little black square) 

            The village rises into form amidst the pines. Cows and goats stand unstunned in
the forest. The Muslim and Christian quarters are made of flimsy wood and storage 
containers. Assemble, disassemble. There is a military technology fair in Orlando where 
you can purchase a village in a box. Then populate it: live inside it for a time. 

            At the beginning of the exercise, the soldier students are told half-truths. They 
must stabilize who and why. 

            While playing market, Nafeesa and Ralia cry out leblabi leblabi, to the soldiers. 
It is that roasted chickpea soup they sell in paper cones in the Middle East. “Win a-
leblabi, u ashgid?” (Where is the leblabi and how much?), I ask. They are so shocked that 
they give me a Coke.

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So in love with this gorgeous looping spiral of a poem from Nomi Stone.

Record a Poem Project – Listen to Audio Poetry

The Poetry Foundation launched a poetry recording project a few months ago, and it is wonderful. I’ve been wanting a way to stream recorded poetry and this works well – not to mention the sheer joy of recording words that have sounds and shapes and tastes like bubbles and jewels and crispy toast. To participate, simply head over to Soundcloud, pick a favorite poem, record it, and submit. Below is my reading of Jake Adam York’s “Abide.”

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