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Music to Wake You: Kina Grannis – Write It In the Sky- Ken Loi Remix


Poetry: Kingston, Jamaica. 3am. Passa Passa Dance Party

One good thing about music / when it hits / you feel no pain
—Bob Marley, Trenchtown Rock

When her body is a compass
bearing South, and she is crouched
bare-toed and feckless above steaming pavement
poised to give birth to drum or bass,
Red Bull triggered at the wrist,
hips a bouquet of cackling fingers,
lips two hummingbirds aimed for flight,
the Glock-Nined baby brother
she nursed from croup
with lavender oil and Cat’s Claw bark,
for whom she turned a fist of nothing
into school fees and uniform,
and whom she will bury
in St. Andrew Parish Church Cemetery
once the sun fully rises,
feels more like a brilliant toothache
her tongue worries,
than a tumid and wild devastation.

-Idrissa Simmonds, Crab Creek Review

Gorgeous – “Stay” (Cover) by Daniela Andrade

Ella Eyre -‘Love Me Like You’ at Abbey Road

Birds of Tokyo – Lanterns

Like Mumford and Sons or Of Monsters and Men? Rising Australian alt-rock band Birds of Tokyo is for you. Single “Lanterns”.

If you fall, I fall with you/If you hurt, I feel it too, even if my heart turns black and blue

Kristen Bell does all parts to “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”

Rainie Yang – Xi Guan

I just really like her voice. (Rainie Yang is a very popular Taiwanese pop star and actress).

Intentions (1)

In the beginning was the hand, and the hand was good

Celan says there’s no difference between a handshake and a poem

The hand has a tendency to close around the palm,

flatbread and goat cheese, prayer beads extracted at the checkpoint

The mouth may say, What am 1 doing here what am I doing here

but the hand is curious, it learns with the fingertips

My hand remembers fingering the rosary, frisson of apostasy,

enchanted circuit of witless penance

At this moment, everywhere, the hand is touching the forbidden

The head shies off but five witnesses compel the hand to tell

-Lee Sharkey, The Seattle Review

If wishes do really come true, can love be forever?

Back when I was having a love affair with Asian dramas, I thought this song was the most wistful I’d ever heard. (I was a teenager, y’all). But I still have a fondness for it. The melody is evocative of loss somehow.

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