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Happiness series: Laughter in the rain

woman laughingPlayful rt Manu Ignatius

Poetry: Leave-Taking

the trees react to colder nights by stripping naked
the meadow too

it’s as if they’re about to set off somewhere
all excess baggage is left at the gate

the sun too is a budget traveler
abandoning most of the sky
the days are so quiet now

take me with you
even if there’s nowhere to go
even if it means leaving myself behind

-Dave Bonta, Gnarled Oak

Sunflower Field

sunflower field

How long did you wait for the sun to find you before you fled your unlit rooms and your flickering screens and took barefoot to all the fields outside your door?

[photo by Select Study Abroad, text by Coffeegirl]

Illustration Love: Albert Einstein Print

albert einstein quote printLovely Albert Einstein print from Leah Flores Designs


Art Love – ‘Let the Light In’, Robert Hagan

watercolorroberthaganSee Let’s Make a Painting for a little background on the modern oil-painter and a video documenting the creation of one of his works.



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