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Sea, Salt, Freedom

sea salt freedom girl on shore

Live in the wild air…

by Oleg Oprisco

Poetry: I Tell You

I could not predict the fullness
of the day. How it was enough
to stand alone without help
in the green yard at dawn.

How two geese would spin out
of the ochre sun opening my spine,
curling my head up to the sky
in an arc I took for granted.

And the lilac bush by the red
brick wall flooding the air
with its purple weight of beauty?
How it made my body swoon,

brought my arms to reach for it
without even thinking.

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-Susan Glassmeyer


the oatmeal free happiness sky blue illustration

via Oatmeal

The Ride

Matt Taylor The Ride biker Illustration

The Ride,’ Matt Taylor

The peculiar brooding peace of the loner wrapped him in its warmth; he was the only living color in the whole world

Rainy Afternoon

rainy afternoon

by Hello Twigs

stirring dull roots with spring rain – T.S. Eliot

Old House on the Shore

old house on shore

by Oleg Oprisco

Rent an old house on a shore and live where your heart runs free


boat photography girl freedom

by Oleg Oprisco


Quotidian: Sundays


Let the Light In

girl window sunset

Illustration Love: Lazy Saturday Morning Blueberries

blueberry illustrationby Holly Exley


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